How to Barback in a Night Club




Introduction: How to Barback in a Night Club

This Intractable will inform you on how to properly set up a bar as a barback. These following steps will help you to be well prepared for a busy night in a bar. When it comes to barbacking, work smart not hard.

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Step 1: The Clock in

The first thing you do when setting up is place trashcans behind the bar. This is for yourself and the bartenders to throw away loose trash away. It's important that you always keep the bar clean.

Step 2: The Ice

This step is very important. ICE is the most important when it comes to setting up a bar. ICE ICE ICE!!!! Place ice in the wells before doing anything else. That way the bartenders don't come in lost for words.

Step 3: The Mats

Second, place the floor mats behind the bar. It gets slippery!!! Also prepare the bar for the night with the bar mats on top of the bar.

Step 4: The Liq

When attending a bar, bottles behind the bartenders are most of the time there for display to show the customers what they serve. The next step is observing the wells to see what liquor you need for the night.

Step 5: The Beer

Next, a beer will be the first drink a person will ask for most of the time. Setting up the beer in the refrigerator or a cooler is one of the first things you do to prevent from losing customers because of a hot beer.

Step 6: The Mixture

Next, check the CO2 generators to make sure all the sodas are working. When the soda runs out the soda will taste carbonated.

Step 7: The Fruit

Depending on where you work, you may have to cut fruit for your bartenders. It's not difficult whatsoever, its quick and simple.

Step 8: Pen & Paper

Throughout the night, bartenders deal with cash, cards, receipts, and pens. Your job before the night gets hectic is to provide them with plenty of pens and receipt paper, just in case they run out.

Step 9: Bar Stools

Some customers enjoy standing and some don't. To accommodate those customers that prefer to sit place bar stools at the bar, but not too many only a select few.

Step 10: Sit Back, Enjoy the Night, & Wait for Tip Out.

After going through all of these steps, at the end of the night the only cleaning you are required to do is pick the the floor mats, sweep and mob behind the bar, and take the trash out. Everything else is the job of the bartenders. Now sit back and wait for the bartender to tip you out.

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