How to Be a Unicorn

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Step 1: Horn

First the horn! I used clay to make mine. then i figured out where I wanted it to go and outlined it with a white eyeliner pencil.

Step 2: Liquid Latex

taking liquid latex and cotton balls to build up around the outline, be sure to leave space for a gap from the cotton balls to the horn, we will fill it in later after the horn is on to keep it in place better.

Step 3: Base of Face

using a bright blue eye shadow I covered my face, then I used a dark shadow to contour. I made my nose a little bigger and flatter. (I used the urban decay electric pallet)

Step 4: Eyes

using the nyx jumbo eye pencil in Milk I used that as a base, then I took a hot pink shadow and placed it on the lid and blended it in to the blue up toward the brow. I then used purple eye liner to fill my water line and give myself a wing.

Step 5: Details

I put on purple blush, then I used a white liquid eyeliner to put dots everywhere.

Step 6: Lips

I used a lavender lipstick from NYX then outlined my lips in a dark purple.

Step 7: Horn

glue in your horn with spirit gum, tap to make tacky, then fill in more liquid and latex. Then using a cream base makeup in pink and blue I blended it around the horn.

Step 8: More Details

I added a pink splash in the middle of my lips, put on some gems, and added a blue wig.

Step 9: Even More Things

I added pink butterflies to my hair, and added false lashes.

Step 10: Body

covered my body in the same blue, contoured with the darker blue, then used the white eyeliner to dot around my body and placed more gems.



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