How to Bench Press Properly

Safety Instructions

1.Always use a spotter,on mechanical safe device on you benchpnes equipment

2. Start this exercise using only the bar until you become familiar with the proper technique.

3. Wear loose fitting clothing when performing this exercise.

4. Your hands should be shoulder width apart when gripping the bar.

5. When gripping the bar, your thumb should be placed under the bar while your fingers should close over the bar.

6. Do not arch your back when performing this exercise.

7. Your feet should be flat on the ground with your legs positioned close to the bench.

Bench Press Execution

1. Position yourself on the bench in a relaxed state so that you are facing up toward the ceiling.

2. The bar should be positioned above your upper chest.

3. The bar should be gripped in the manner described under,"Safety Instructions."

4. Start with just the weight of the bar until you are warmed-up and familiar with the proper technique.

5. Slowly lift the bar up and away from th rack.

6. Slowly lower the bar to the base of your sternum.

7. Next, straighten your arms slowly so that the bar (and later, any weights) begin to rise.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for eight to twelve times, which are called "Reps" or "Repetitions."

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