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Introduction: How to Blend Prismacolors

What is Prismacolor?

Prismacolor is a colored pencil that blends layer upon layer with other prismacolor pencils to create unique colors on your palette. Prismacolors can be a large project for family fun OR a single project that can tap into the serious artist OR the creative genius waiting to be unleashed.

    Supplies Needed

    Step 1: Supplies Needed

    Supplies Needed

    *24 Set Prismacolor set

    OR 48 Color Set ( must say Prismacolor on the package --no colored pencils).

    Note: This is strictly a Prismacolor Project for the "blending" technique that you don't get with regular

    colored pencils) ------

    See the last step OR step no. 6 for choosing the brand of Prismacolor

    *Matting Board *The matting board comes in a very large size. You can have it cut to any size you'd like such as a

    5x7 and on up.

    *Tracing Paper ( you can get this at any Craft store such as a Hobby Lobby etc)

    * Art Paper ( You can use art paper of any kind to make cards )

    * Pencil Sharpener

    * Color blending chart ( attached for print out)

    * Scrap art paper to practice your blending

    Step 2: Instructions

    Take your color blending chart

    Each block has a different number of colors to blend

    Get you color pencils in order that you needed for each block

    Sharpen each color pencil for maximum effect

    Step 3:

    Step 4: Blending Colors

    Print out the sheet of the color block if you can't see the listed colors

    (There are five colors in the 1st top left block on the sheet in the picture ~ you will have five different colors in

    one block ~ so make room for five shades).

    There is a 24 set of Prismacolors and a 48 set of Prismacolors.

    The 48 set of Prismacolors will have more of the colors needed. But you can start with a 24 set.






    First Block from the left has FIVE COLORS:


    Dark green

    Canary yellow
    Apple green block

    Again, U will have five colors in the first block so keep in mind you will need to have room for five colors in your block
    ~Take the black prismacolor and gently but firmly shade your first line across
    ~Then take dark green and gently but firmly shade your next line across blending into the black
    ~Then canary yellow and gently but firmly shade the canary yellow into the dark green and black
    ~Then Apple Green firmly blending into ALL the colors to the top until ALL colors are smoothly blended.
    ~ Continue following the color wheel until you get the feel of the blending of the colors

    *See step #6 (last one) for how to pick your "brand" of Prismacolors made by different companies

    Quality matters

    Step 5: Pick Your Picture !

    Examples you could do: ( Think of things with color)






    Swirly Things

    Hearts in Trees

    The imagination has no limit (you could even make your very own 1st card ever!)

    You will need to trace your picture if you don't feel comfortable doing a free hand picture

    I happened to lions so I made a lion picture :)

    Tracing paper ( above is a picture of tracing paper - you are free to use which ever one you like)

    Step 6: How to Use Tracing Paper

    How to use Tracing Paper ( the above lion PICTURE is on matting board)

    BUT I would recommend you start with drawing paper instead of matting board for your first try at tracing

    The Mating Board: After you have drawn your first picture then you can try matting board

    See the video for tracing in different ways( even tracing straight from your computer screen (how cool is that!)

    Step 7: Tracing Paper 1

    1. One side of tracing paper place tracing paper on design follow the design with a pencil

    Step 8: Tracing Paper 2

    2. Turn it over and press onto pencil matting board OR art paper

    Step 9: Tracing Paper 3

    3. You should at this point be able to see your faint tracing edge on your paper or art board

    You can now begin to blend prismacolors onto your board or your art paper

    *Revisit tracing video for any missed steps

    Step 10: Admire Your Work

    ~ This project can be worked on slowly for

    ~ One hour

    ~ OR two hours a day

    ~ OR a week or two

    ~ OR a month

    ~ OR even a year!

    ~ Let's Be Clear

    ~ Don't Rush

    ~ There's melancholy blue

    ~ Or poppy red

    ~ Feel the color

    ~ Go with the flow

    ~ Frame it

    ~ Or just hang it ~ It's the Artist-N-U

    ~ That's Hue!

    Step 11: How to Pick Your Brand of Prismacolors

    Note: There will be some colors that may not match the 24 set or the 48 set, but don't worry just try to come close.
    For instance, some sets don't have "poppy red" but have instead named it something else.

    That's okay just try to match as close as possible.

    But if you are looking for a tried and true color combination then be sure an stick with the color combination for the maximum color

    U may find you'll come up with a better color combination than on the color chart

    As you can see, on the color chart, the colors goes from darker to lighter because you are "blending colors" so that they transform into each other

    Step 12:

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      Thank U, if you try out the Prismacolors be sure and get the 48 package set. It comes with more colors than the 24 pack set.