How to Bloat Marshmallows




Introduction: How to Bloat Marshmallows

IMPORTANT: when these marshmallows come out of the microwave, they are HOT. be carefull.

this instructable shows you how to make mutant marshmallows. It's very easy and is endlessly fun. plus, you can eat the marshmallows when your done!!
please give me slack if this isn't that good. it's my first REAL instructable. please comment.

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Step 1: Materials

you'll need:
microwavable plate

Step 2: Prepare the 'Mallows

This is the easiest step. Put the marshmallows on the plate. If it's a small plate like mine,two marshmallows would be enough but you can do as many as you want. Just make sure there is space in between them.

Step 3: Cook 'Em Up

put the plate with marshmallows in the microwave and set and start it. I did 30 seconds but i might have a different power microwave. If you think they didn't get big enough, add time accordingly.

Step 4: Watch Then Eat

Now watch them go around and bloat. They also taste really good.
Just saying. The moment they come out, they will start to shrink. :(


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    try making a small tower out of marshmellos and do it!   and sorry about my ible i didnt see yours when i made it.....................