How to Blow Bubbles in a Bubble




Today i was thinking, people blow bubbles in bubbles with gum....but most people cant do that so i thought what about a soap bubble in a bubble.......and thats how this Instructable was born.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

1: Two Hands
2: Bubble Wand or Stick

Step 2: Making the Bubble

Take out the bubble wand and make a medium sized bubble

Step 3: Catch the Bubble

Catch The bubble on your Bubble Wand

Step 4: Blowing the Bubble in the Bubble

This is the hardest step first take the wand with the bubble on it up to your lips make a face like your going to kiss and slowly blow into the bubble through the wand.

Step 5: Your Done

Your Done Admire Your New Bubbles in Bubbles



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