How to Boost Your Metabolism Anytime of the Year!




Trying to speed up your metabolism sounds like an easy task. However, most people do not understand that their metabolism is clearly reliant on genetics. Luckily, there are some elements that, if considered, will help boost metabolism, even in the slightest bit. Being patient is the best thing you can do when trying to boost your metabolism because, like anything to make for a healthy lifestyle, patience is virtue. This is a timely procedure, and will take self-endurance and willpower. Knowing the basics of working out is always helpful; otherwise, you may have to research additional types of workouts to ensure the best way to boosting your metabolism. Regardless of how tiny each step is, all will lead to a healthier lifestyle, and that should be your goal when trying to boost metabolism the RIGHT way. So, start your engines and get ready to begin a new years resolution in October and bust through these holiday months with a healthy new lifestyle to the New Year!

Some things you should consider having before you start this task are:
1. A positive attitude
2. Patience
3. Dedication
4. Cash flow that can supply home gym supplies/gym membership

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Step 1: Get Your Tickets to the Gun Show!

First and foremost, the best way to increase your metabolism is to gain muscle. Only participating in cardio every day isn’t going to cut it. Lifting at least 3 times a week will shed fat and gain muscle, leaving you with a higher metabolism. Muscle works harder at rest than fat does, opting for a higher metabolism.

Step 2: Ingest Your Protein.

To go along with muscle gain, one must eat healthy to help boost metabolism. Eating protein is the best way to maintain muscle that has been built up in the gym. You should try to include protein in each main meal of your day. You can also try protein supplements as well. Either kind will keep your body hard at work all day long, burning calories while you’re at it!

Step 3: Listen to Your Mom; Eat Your Breakfast!

Eating your morning meal is a huge way to stay on track with a high metabolism. Skipping breakfast can throw your body into starvation, making your body start up slower or crave unhealthy items. Breakfast is great for getting your brain started, as well as kick-start your metabolism.

WARNING: Skipping breakfast can encourage poor food choice throughout the day, as well as lack of motivation for exercise. Avoid eating things high in bad sugars (donuts, candy, muffins).

Step 4: Indulge Food...All Day Long

Eating all day long is great, as long as you eat the right portions and healthy foods! Eating smaller meals every 2 to 3 hours every day is a great way have a high metabolism. Smaller meals won’t bog down your digestive system or make you tired after you eat them. Instead, your metabolism tackles these small boosts of energy and consistently works throughout the day, keeping you awake and alert.

WARNING: Crash dieting or starvation is the worst thing you can do to try and speed up your metabolism, as well as live a healthy lifestyle. Depriving yourself of food will actually encourage your body to take the first thing it can to fuel itself up: Protein. Don’t let all of that hard work in the gym go to waste!

Step 5: Drink Your Water, People.

Just like Tony Horton says on p90x, drinking water is the best thing for you. Even though pop and juices may have water within them, drinking ice-cold water is the best thing to boost your metabolism. It also serves as a body cleanser that washes away toxins, making you feel alert all day long.

Step 6: Be Patient!

Trying to boost your metabolism almost goes hand in hand with living a healthy lifestyle. You should be doing all of these things to live a healthier lifestyle, and once that becomes a habit, your metabolism will follow right along with it. It is important to know that you can’t fix this like an easy 1,2,3 step recipe. Everyone’s body is going to be different, and you might experience more of a difficulty on one of these things than others. Just remember, in doing this the healthy way, you won’t be seeing results in 24 hours, and the biggest thing you can do is have patience.



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    3 years ago

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    3 years ago

    I am very happy to see just how much space you have given to proper diet! I am into fitness myself and it drives me crazy how few people understand the importance of appropriate eating during workout. Many people believe that muscles just come out of water ;)


    4 years ago

    used to hear from a friend that you get like a 10% boost being fully hydrated... with your workout

    Phil B

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. Your Instructable is very clear and very readable. I have a sedentary job. The busier I get, the more I sit. By contrast, when my wife is busier, she is on her feet more. I have more trouble than she does at keeping metabolism high and weight down.