How to Boost Your Tomatoes Defenses With Aspirin




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The salacylic acid of aspirin mimics a hormone in tomato plants. If you do a Google search you will see a lot of documentation on this fact. The hormone naturally triggers a defense response in tomatoes. You are tricking your tomatoes into to triggering a defense response by  spraying it with aspirin. The theory is to induce a defense response before diseases arrive. You are boosting your tomatoes defenses BEFORE an attack of leaf spot or blight occur. I have done this for years and believe it works.

The Basic Recipe:

325 mg of aspirin to 1 gallon of water
Spray your tomatoes 2-3 times monthly

You have to use aspirin because you need the salacylic acid to mimic the hormone.

I've been doing this for several years and notice thicker stronger tomato leaves. My non-scientific observation is that the aspirin triggers a response that makes the leave less susceptible to the spores of diseases. The spores have a harder time getting established. Try it out.

If you would like more information about using aspirin or want to join the great aspirin tomato experiment... check out my blog The Rusted Garden

or go to this direct link on my blog  for some tomato fun The Great Tomato Aspirin Experiment of 2012




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    4 Discussions

    Im going to grow 2 tomatoes' of the same variety, in their own containers. Treat one with aspirin and see what I get come August. I think it will be interesting.


    To be sure, and if you have room for it, grow 9 pots,
    three for each category :

    - no special treatment
    - sprayed only with water (the same water that will be used for your mix)
    - sprayed with the aspirin mix.

    Then you can see if aspirin has an effect of its own.
    3 plants are good too, for it gives a little more data and it protects the experience, in case 2 plants die.

    That's also 4.5 times more work....

    If you want to go further, you can try to infect your plantation and see the results.


    I wish I had the space. That is a good idea. On my blog I am trying to get people to join the great aspirin tomato experiment of 2012. I'd like to get photos of outcomes. Your idea is a good one. Im just short the space...