How to Braid Two French Braids




Introduction: How to Braid Two French Braids

Braided corn rows have become a hairstyle that many celebrities are loving today. Through these step-by-step instructions you can learn how to achieve this braid and you too can be a part of this trend.

To achieve this look you simply only need...

-a wide tooth comb

-mousse or gel

-rubber bands or hair ties

-and of course your hair!

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Step 1: Comb Hair

Using a wide tooth comb, comb your hair all the way through until there are no knots.

Step 2: Divide Hair

Using your comb, split your hair vertically straight down the middle of your head.

Step 3: Tie Hair

Using a rubber band or hair tie, tie one section of your divided hair.

Step 4: Apply Mousse or Gel

Apply a small amount of mousse or gel on hair to help keep it stay tight and not easily unbraid.

Step 5: Combing Your Hair Again

Once you've applied some product in your hair, use the wide-tooth comb to comb out your hair again. This will smooth your hair out, making it easier to braid through your hair.

Step 6: Sectioning Pieces

Grab three small pieces of your hair and place them in-between your fingers.

Step 7: Starting Braid

Take those three pieces and overlap them creating a braid.

Step 8: Continuing Braid

Continue braiding by adding on more pieces of hair in between your fingers as you go down your head.

Step 9: Tie Your Ends

Once you've completed your braids, tie the end parts of your hair to keep the braids from unfolding.

Step 10: Completed Look

And now you've completed the braid! Hope you love your new look!

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    4 years ago

    Very helpful! Great job on your first instructable :-)