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Introduction: How to Breed Rocks

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There comes a time in every person's life when they need to breed, this is a fact. What you're not told in the last year of primary school is that there comes a time in every rock's life when they need to breed. That's right, rocks breed, and by carefully controlling the breedstock, you can get different kinds of rock, isn't that great?!
In this Instructable, i'm going to show you how to breed rocks.

Step 1: The Stock

Any breeder will tell you that the stock is the most important part of breeding things. Any programmer will tell you GIGO, ergo if you want to get good baby rocks, you need to have good parent rocks.
I'm using a middle-aged basalt, and a gaudy ore. Peacock ore, to be exact.
You'll need a warm, dry place to put your rocks, and some way of ensureing that they're not disturbed when they're...doing whatever it is rocks do.

Step 2: The Miracle of Birth

So, now your rocks are in a box, with no chance of any interruption,. doing what comes naturally. After a while, if you open the box again, you should have some nice cute baby rocks, which you can sell as pets, or use to breed even better rocks.
Thanks for reading this instructable.
Get Breeding! The world needs moar Rocks!



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    I tried this and it works. My house is filling up with rocks.
    How do I get them to stop breeding?

    ways to get pebbles
    1 go buy some pebbles or pick up some
    2 Smash One rock to get another
    3 Buy Fish tank Pebbles

    :). LOL

    Meth, clearly the only rock this author has experience with :p

    Nice instructable. Thanks for sharing.
    Can’t say I endorse this instructable. Rocks have rights and more important, they have feelings. You just don’t put rocks together and expect them to breed.
    In the expression “Nature take it’s course”, the key word is “Nature”, therefore, the vast outdoors.
    Just Google the expression “pedras parideiras” and find out how some rocks breed in the natural environment.

    they dont have male/female. there all the same gender. there gender is stone.

    This instructable is a hoax, it doesn't work, even after 2 weeks :( Or am i doing it wrong?

    11 replies

    i tried some other ones too, and different rooms and bixes, it doesn't work, it's a load of crap

    You're obviously doing it wrong, cos i did it, and made an instructable on it. It's on the internet, it's got to be true.