How to Build a Small Shed for Lawn Tools

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follow this easy tutorial on how to make a small shed to keep things like shovels, rakes, your lawn mower and other yard work tools. Let's get started!

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Step 1: Bacon

it about the the bacon. its always about the bacon.

Step 2: Build the Frame.

build your frame. i am not gonna babysit you and give you measurements. you're just gonna have to look at a picture of a tool shed for several hours until you get the right idea!

Step 3: Sanding Your Wood.

you might want to sand your wood a little bit before finishing. So for this particular activity acquire a mid western/canadian speech pattern and say "bananas are FANTASTIC!" a bunch of times!

Step 4: Finishing Your Shed

finish your shed with acrylic paint. so run up to the craft store and buy as much little bottles of red acrylic craft paint for this wonderful shed! DO IT!


PORTA-TARDIS!!!!! This needs no explanation.



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