Easiest, Cheapest Build of a Flyback Driver, ALL From Parts of a TV

I made a Video today while I built a Flyback driver completely from parts from TVs I did use parts from multiple TVs for a better result, but stick to the concept of the plans and it can be made from 1 TV alone, no trips to the shops.

Grab your popcorn and Enjoy :) 

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    "For what it is worth..."

    Schematic was posted at the end of the video, I had numerous problems posting all 3 of my instructable not due to any fault of my own, the page would go blank upon submission Video's were not being embedded had to be manually embedded to the text, upon submission, on all 3 video's I have every time received a error saying "unsupported media type" I am sorry if it looks like I have not put much effort into it, I have tried very hard to post these and have kept the content to a minimum due to all the trouble I have had.

    I thought I had done quite a good job due to these factors, maybe I was wrong.

    my wookiedalmond1

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    nice, id watch the video but i have a web-blocker that wont let me :( im assuming that the schematic above is the same as whats in the video, could you try this one and tell me which is more powerful?


    Have had that blanking issue also. Real preturbing. I copy all text before adding video or pics. Usually happens US early am time. For the people who are not adept with schematics in videos, I did it for them.