How to Build Your Own DC Motor.

Introduction: How to Build Your Own DC Motor.

A DC motor uses a direct current rather than an alternating current. The invention of the electrical motor is derived from Faradays Law of electromagnetic induction. When you move a magnet close to an electrical conductor a current will be present in the conductor.

With a DC motor only the conductor moves instead of the magnet as current is harnessed from another source of energy (battery ). U should remember that as current runs through a wire it will create a magnetic field around the wire.

Step 1: The DC Motor

Make sure you have the following
1. A set of thin copper wires
2. A magnet
3. A plastic cup ( for insulation )
4. A 1.5v battery
5. A VOLTMETER ( Very Important )
6. Some brushers (to get rid of the oxidising material used on the copper wires

Step 2: Now Let's Build the Motor

1. Take the copper wire and cut it into two wires each 160mm in length.
2. Brush each one on of them on both ends to allow the to conduct electricity better.
3.insert the copper wires on each side of the (box or cup). And bend each one slightly on one end of each copper wire to allow the coil to be held in place ( see pictures below )
4. Make a circular coil spring and allow ends to stretch on each side of the coil. ( use some tape to keep the coil together )( see pictures below )
5. Place the magnet on top of the box and place the coil on to of the wires where you bent it.
6.connect the battery on the other two ends and you should notice that the coil will start to spin.
7. The voltmeter should give the same reading as the battery you have used.

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    4 years ago

    Nice little project, thank you for sharing.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I'm only just beginning


    4 years ago

    Hey guys U can actually make your own motor from home.