How to Build a 1-block High Base in Minecraft!

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This is how to build a 1-block high base in Minecraft 1.14.4!

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Step 1: Outline

Make an outline out of a chosen block for your base. I have chosen grass and dirt to make a hill. Leave a gap at the front.

Step 2: Roofing

Gradually begin to form the roof to your base.

Step 3: Interior

Begin to make the interior for your base. Add walls, a roof and a floor.

Step 4: Interior 2

Add decoration to the inside of your base. Add crafting tables, chests, furnaces, smokers and enchantment tables.

Step 5: Making It 1-block

Fill in the base to make it only 1 block tall. For any chests, add slabs above.

Step 6: Entering Your Base

Add a trapdoor to the front of your base. To enter, go right up to the trapdoor and close it. This should cause your player to go into the crawl position. Now you can enter your base, no problem!

Step 7: Done!

Enjoy your finalized base!

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