How to Build a Bed. a Mydal Bed Upgrade




Introduction: How to Build a Bed. a Mydal Bed Upgrade

About: Bartholomew, Call me Barth or Homie. Born and raised in Croydon, London. I've been an IKEA assembly "artist" ever since the first time I came across ready-to-assemble furniture and flat pack home inventory....

Long story short:
As a professional assembler, upgrading has become a natural consequence of my profession. That's why I love to not only do the actual furniture assembly but to do the actual IKEA hacks that follow.

When it comes to IKEA's ready-to-assembler I'm not the only one nuts in the house.. My wife Tony /like most of wifes/ loves to give a second take on all flat packs. In the Mydal case, we simply had to set up the ikea loft bed for our younger daughter. We bought the flat pack model a week or two ago but it was just now, that we ACTUALLY got together to do it.

The flat pack bunk bed is one of the most popular IKEA products at least for my personal experience as an assembler and so far I've barely encountered any complains, except the furniture itself wasn't built right.


1. You should displace the bottom rail part

2. Find a suitable material and prepare a new piece to use for the bottom part of the ladder.

3. Find a suitable material for a set of curtains you will most likely have to change in a month or two.

4. Choose what you'll use the bunk bed loft space for.

5. Furniture paint or no paint?

6. Let you child savage the bed

Step 2: The Bunk Bed Size Is a Benefit

Here you can see my wife next to the bed, which gives us an excellent idea of how high the bunk bed is.

Although the first step does imply adding instability to the whole structure, for a flat pack bed it is more than sturdy for it's hight. Which in its side - it isn't high at all! If we compared to some of the rest bunk beds Ikea has to offer, this one is relatively handy to fit into a room of any size.

One of the most common problems most of IKEA's flat pack furniture assemblers encounter is with hight. That's why I love bunk beds more than most of the PAX wardrobes for an example..

Guaranteed by a Fantastic Furniture Assembly Professional Here.
Careful how big your home and imagination are. Bare in mind these two often do not add up.

Step 3: Wooden Panels

As planned right after the furniture purchase I was obligated to sew a few wooden panels in order those on the side of the bed. For the lovely curtain we used an old piece of cloth my wife saved from who knows where and when. The important part is it suites both our daughters room and bed.

We hemmed it a little bit and sewed it properly. The Panels were hung as shown. For the tension rods we went for the easiest decision - we chose the cheapest model the store had. When you consider their purpose, you realize you do not need class 1 tension roads with complicated assembly, so a less expensive model will serve you just fine.

As long as the Mydal bed can transform into a little castle you all fine.

Step 4: Curtains Down - Playground On

Step 5: Customize the Bed Loft Space

We have a daughter - that's why we went for the kitchen/cook theme. In case you have a boy - you could go for Lego, cars or why not even a good set of Batman's Inventory. If IKEA stores had ready-to-assembly kitchens meant for children we would buy a new one every here and there. Maybe not a bad idea at all. I have a hunch it will parish way faster than the whole flat pack MYDAL bed...

So here it is

The new playground is a fact! I'm more than happy how IKEA's furniture can be both a play house and a comfy bed.

Step 6: It Was Time to Paint

To be honest, like all couples in similar situations - we had a serious "discussion" of what colour we should paint the loft bed..

Luckely - we reached an agreement.
It was meant to be WHITE.

Step 7:

Step 8: Our Flat Pack Mydal Bed Upgrade Is Done With!

After a few risky situations, strong debates and a couple of hours to assembly the project - the Ikea bed upgrade is done with! The thing that I love IKEA ready-to-assemble furniture for is how much space for improvisation one has.

We hope we inspired you!
Go out there and build your own flat pack upgrade!

Barth & Melissa

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    1 year ago

    Very cool , I am in the middle of something similar, however I would apreciate a picture of the kind of rod for the curtain since I’m having a slight difficulty finding one that is not so thick & won’t come off .
    I did my sons room in mainly greens very happy with result and what now is a Mydal loft bed. Thanks !!


    Reply 1 year ago

    Here’s one picture


    5 years ago

    Me too makergiirl me too :(


    5 years ago

    Gorgeous! Oh and the bed looks lovely as well.


    5 years ago

    AAAAHH!!! i want this so bad! :(

    Jeph Diel
    Jeph Diel

    5 years ago

    Oh no grease fire, oh no the beds on fire! ahh! lol, nice setup