How to Build a Bee Hive Stand on the Cheap



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In this episode of The Bush Bee Man, Mark builds Bee hive stands with found Materials!

Things you'll need:

  • 2x Treat Pine Post
  • 1 Wooden Pallet

Step 1: Cut Two Break Treat Pine Post in Half.

Step 2: Cut the Pallet Down the Centre.

This will give you two tops for the stands

Step 3: Dig the First Hole.

Mark out the other holes using the pallet to measure.

Dig the three other holes.

Step 4: Place the Four Poles Into the Holes.

Fill and compact the first two holes.

Step 5: Using the Pallet Check and Adjust the Heights of the Other Two Poles Until Level.

Fill and compact the last two holes.

Step 6: Nail Each Corner to a Pole.

Step 7: Test Fit a Beehive.

Step 8: Done!

A bee stand that's built for next to nothing.

by having the beehives on a stand, it will prevent you found hurting your back.

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