How to Build a Block Swapper in Minecraft

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This is a simple tutorial on how to build a block swapper in Minecraft!

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Step 1: Pistons

Add two sticky pistons, facing each other 3 blocks away. Add a sticky piston between.

Step 2: Blocks

Place your two chosen blocks next to the right piston.

Step 3: Power

Add two wood planks above the block in front of the sticky piston. Add a button on the top plank.

Step 4: Redstone Torch

Add a redstone torch directly behind the button.

Step 5: Blocks 2

Add four blocks one block down beside the redstone torch.

Step 6: Redstone

Add redstone dust to the furthest block from the torch, and repeaters back to back on the other.

Step 7: Redstone Torches 2

Add two redstone torches on the block above the piston. They should automatically turn off.

Step 8: Wall

Add a wall around to cover up the redstone.

Step 9: Done!

You have completed your redstone block swapper. Design it however you want!

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