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My neighbors had to move and had two old desks that they were going to toss; they asked me if I wanted either of them. I just took the drawers because I already have to many desks. The drawers sat in a pile until tonight when I thought I might be able to construct something shelf-like out of them, rather than building shelves from scratch. So here is my first attempt at the Drawer Bookshelf.  

If you don't mind a little curb shopping and dumpster diving, you can most likely find some old drawers and make this for free.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Drawers, windows, scrap wood. The possibilities are endless.
2. Tool box of tools - screwdriver, hammer, screws, wood chisel, needle-nose pliers.
3. Small bowl to hold hardware.

Step 2: Remove Hardware

Take off the hardware and store it in that small bowl. Depending on how you arrange the shelf, you may want to pry off the drawer fronts. I used a wood chisel and hammer to remove the front, then a needle-nose pliers to yank out the staples. 

Step 3: Stack to Your Liking

Play around with the drawers till you find an arrangement you like. Secure the drawers in place with screws.

Step 4: Place Objects on Shelf

Utilize your new organizational device.

I tested it out with my toolboxes, a sailboat, a toothbrush holder holding an umbrella straw, and a candle box.

Now I just need to paint the thing-- but that's for another day.




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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I note that you havent got books in the shelves..
    Once loaded this could not be as strong as required..
    Be careful if you have children around.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    great way to re-use old furniture!

    I love the abstract appearance as well... I hate a perfect rectangle wall unit! You should seriously consider doing this for other people since I am positive you could make a little money on the side with this idea!