How to Build a Cardboard Ottoman With Storage




Introduction: How to Build a Cardboard Ottoman With Storage

You will learn how to build a decorative and more importantly, free ottoman that can be used for storage or just putting your feet up.

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Step 1: Organize Tools

First you will need to organize all your supplies.

Step 2: Sketch Out the Design

You being by sketching out some basic designs you would like to implement.

Step 3: Start Building and Securing the Top

We begin construction by adding a piece of support cardboard inside the large box. The cardboard is stapled to the inside of the box.

You then tape all the flaps on the opening top of the box. This will ensure stability when putting objects on top of the ottoman.

You close the top flap and continue taping the seams at the top of the box.

The taped box should look like the last picture.

Step 4: Create the Opening at the Top

you then mark a perimeter around the top of the box, about 3" from the top. Then draw another line across the top of the box connecting to the perimeter lines on both sides.

The lines should be drawn straight with a ruler to ensure the top opens properly.

You then use your box cutter to cut along the lines, but leaving a copy inches on both ends to act as a hinge.

Picture number 4 shows the hinge.

Be careful when cutting.

The top of the box should open from the center outward.

Step 5: Reinforce, Reinforce, Reinforce!

Next, cut additional pieces of cardboard to match the sides of the box. This is also used to add stability to the box.

You do the same thing to the other side.

Reinforcing cardboard is added throughout the side. You also add additional cardboard to the lid. You will then cut a larger piece of cardboard (about the size of the top panel). This will serve as suppose when the lid is closed. You only attach the cardboard to one of the sides, and this will be the first side that is closed.

Make sure the top support is secure.

The last picture is what it should look like when the lid is closed.

Step 6: Stress Test, Then Add Storage!

Now you can close both lids and conduct some stress tests to make sure the ottoman had been properly reinforced.

You can then place the two smaller boxes inside the ottoman. These boxes will be used for storage.

Step 7: Decorate and Enjoy!

To make the smaller storage boxes look better, they are wrapped in blue contact paper.

Make sure and do a quick wipe to remove any air bubbles in the contact paper

To finish the rich fabric look of the ottoman, you will wrap the entire thing in brown packing paper.

You should also wrap the sides. It would be best to do a folded design so the paper has a flow similar to fabric.

Finally add some decorative stickers to the brown wrapping paper, to give it a fun look!!!!!

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    Ahhh, cardboard. My favorite medium for product design prototypes. Fun.