How to Build a Cheap Quadcopter

Intro: How to Build a Cheap Quadcopter

Today I will teach you how to build a small, fast and super cool drone. It is super cheap and a fun project to build.

Step 1: Parts

Here are the parts you need:

  • Tenergy 3.7v 380mAh battery
  • Hubsan X4 H107 props
  • Hubsan H107D coreless motors
  • Hubsan H107-A34 receiver
  • Materials for the frame (see next step)
  • Charger for the Tenergy battery
  • Transmitter compatible with the Hubsan receiver
  • Zip ties

Step 2: Frame Possibilities

There are many possibilities for frame construction. You could make it out of cardboard or small plastic boards. As long as you can mount the motors onto the frame and have clearance, it's fine. My frame was about 6 inches long and 4 inches long at its widest points. There are all kinds of recommendations for quadcopter frames on the internet and even instructables, so I suggest do some research before you build. My frame weighed about 30 grams and balanced pretty well. Make sure your frame can balance at its center.

Step 3: Electronics Assembly

Here are the steps:

  1. Solder two motors of your choosing to the pads on the receiver labeled motor1 and motor3. The wires of the motors must be different colors, one has to be white and black and the other must be red and blue. Solder the positive lead to the pads labeled " +" and the negative to ones labeled " -".
  2. Repeat step 1 but solder a motor with different colored wires than the first motor on that side.
  3. Zip tie the receiver to the middle of the frame you built. I zip tied mine to the underside of the frame, but you can do what you'd like in that aspect.
  4. Zip tie the motors (like in the photos)to the sides of the frame and make sure they have total clearance of other parts.

You have now built a quadcopter. Bind the receiver to the transmitter and test it out. Now it's time for mods!

Step 4: Mods

I added a camera to my drone and purchased an FPV transmitter. With that particular receiver, there are some pads you can solder a camera module to. You can also add skids so the Quadcopter can land on water or a cage around your drone so it can fly up walls.

That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading and keep on making!



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I used the h107d-a05 5.8G 4channel receiver. Hope that helps!


    2 years ago

    everyone always states"use a transmitter compatible with this". so i will ask you which transmitter did you use that is compatible with the Hubsan H107-A34 receiver you used.


    2 years ago

    I added the camera after the original build. The circuit for the camera is under the Quadcopter in the cover photo. You should be able to see it. The frame weighed about 30 grams. I don't know what to say about balance other than it flew, so it had pretty good balance. I did not really encounter any major problems while building the quadcopter. I studied the designs of a few other small hobby drones and tried to build something based off of that. I'll add this data to the article. Thanks for the comment!


    2 years ago

    but nothing about the frame,or the grams,and balance, or how you build it and what problems you may have stumbeld on.

    but this is my opinion,also you talk about you made it FPV (camera-wireless reciever).sorry i dont see the camera.only a transmitter with the screen of.

    but this is all my opinion.

    Nate Barry

    2 years ago

    Awesome! This is a great idea.