How to Build a Shed - Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

Introduction: How to Build a Shed - Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

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We wanted to put together a series of videos showing anyone with basic DIY carpentry skills how to build a "Dream" shed. Or in other words, a very cool shed they could be very proud they built.

With that in mind, we set out to film a very detailed set of videos guiding you through "Every" step we could think of. Keep this in mind if you are a seasoned carpenter or woodworker as you will likely see much you already know.

However, for the average DIY'er, there is a ton of information, tips and tricks to be learned in these videos. When done watching the videos, you'll easily be able to build this shed - many others have built this shed (and variations of it) and posted their shed builds on our website

Hope you enjoy..

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Step 1: How to Build a Shed Overview of Videos

In this video Henry goes over what to expect in the 15 video series. It is not too long and shows you the detail and quality that you can expect in this shed build.

Step 2: How to Build a Shed - Ground Preperation - Video 1 of 15

In this video Henry goes over the preparing the ground for your shed. Instead of skids, we opted for a coarse gravel base with good drainage.

Step 3: How to Build a Shed - How to Select Quality Building Materials - Video 2 of 15

In this short video Henry shows you what to look for at your local lumber yard to make sure you get the best materials for your shed build - you don't have to take the crappy stuff, get what you paid for!

Step 4: How to Build a Shed - Framing the Shed Floor - Video 3 of 15

In this video Henry shows you how to frame the floor using pressure treated lumber and T&G plywood flooring. In addition, he shows you a few tricks you can do at this stage to make installation of the LP Smart Panels (used to clad exterior walls) easier and more accurate later in the shed build.

Step 5: How to Build a Shed - Make Your Own Trusses - Video 4 of 15

Building your own trusses can be very satisfying and save you money. Built right they can be very strong and substantially speed up construction. Henry shows you how to use the floor of the shed to setup a jig to make the construction of these trusses very easy, strong and "Accurate". It may seem odd to build the trusses before the walls are done, but we need to use the floor of the shed as a jig layout so the trusses need to be done first.

Step 6: How to Build a Shed - How to Frame the Shed Walls - Video 5 of 15

Follow Henry in this video to learn how to frame the shed walls. Although not required, Henry also included framing of a header above the door so you know how to do it should you decide you want to put a door or windows on the long side of the shed where headers would be required (the bearing walls). Some good tips in this video.

Step 7: How to Build a Shed - Installing the Homemade Trusses - Video 6 of 15

Installing trusses may seem pretty cut and dry but there are some tricks to getting them lined up right and securing them to the top plate of the walls. Some video was destroyed so if you are wondering how to secure the trusses to the top plate... use 2 nails on either side of each end of the truss above the top plate and nail diagonally into the the top plate of the walls. Use hurricane anchors as an extra precaution to attach trusses to top plates as well. These can go inside or outside depending on how you plan to finish the shed interior.

Step 8: How to Build a Shed - Shed Skirting Options - Video 7 of 15

There are different ways you can finish the base of the shed and skirting if used. It all depends on the climate in your area and the look you want for your shed. Henry shows you various options so you can decide which one is best suited to your needs - or design.

Step 9: How to Build a Shed - Installing LP Smart Panels Part 1 - Video 8 of 15

Part 1 you Ask? Why 2 parts to install LP Smart Panels?

We opted to use LP Smart Panels on the shed. They are reasonably priced and easy to install. There are some very cool tricks coming up with the fascia boards and soffit material installs (later video).

To make the installation of these easier, we will be installing the LP Smart Panels in 2 stages. The front and back first, then the fascia boards and soffit, and then we will finish the remaining LP Smart Panels on the sides. When you get to video 11, you will see how much easier it is to do the soffits and fascia boards before the LP panels on the sides.

In this video Henry shows you how to install the LP Smart Panels on the front and back of the shed.

Step 10: How to Build a Shed - Building Soffit Ladders (Rake) - Video 9 of 15

In this video Henry will be showing you how to build the gable end overhang/soffit (also called the rake). His way of doing these makes it very easy for anyone working on there own. These are very strong and suitable for a shed, but not for a garage or house (ideally this design is suited to lengths under 8').

Step 11: How to Build a Shed - How to Layout & Apply Roof Sheathing - Video 10 of 15

Like all things in construction, there is always a few tricks of the trade. Henry shows you how to install roof sheathing in these videos and a few tricks if you are working on your own.

Step 12: How to Build a Shed - Installing the Fascia Boards & Soffit Material - Video 11 of 15

Of all the videos in this series, this has proven to be a favorite of viewers on our website, and YouTube. Henry developed a jig you can use to make installing both the fascia boards and soffit material easy and "you can do it on your own" - no need for a helper to hold boards in place. There is a ton of great tips and tricks you can learn in this video. Many of these will drastically improve the appearance and finished quality of your shed.

If you want the free plans for the jig used in this video, you can download them here:

Download Free Fascia & Soffit Jig Plans

Step 13: How to Build a Shed - Installing LP Smart Panels Part 2 - Video 12 of 15

Now that the roof sheathing is done and all the fascia boards and soffits are complete, we can wrap up the installation of the LP Smart Panels. In this video Henry shows you how to wrap up and complete the LP Smart Panels.

Step 14: How to Build a Shed - How to Install a 3 Tab Asphalt Roof on the Shed - Video 13 of 15

If you are a little hesitant to tackle the installation of a asphalt roof, don't be. In this video Henry guides you through everything you need to know to install a water tight and nice looking roof job. Like many of the videos, there are some good tips in this roofing video.

Step 15: How to Build a Shed - How to Install an Exterior Door - Video 14 of 15

Whether you are installing an exterior door in a shed or house, Henry will show you how to properly install the door and make sure it is level, plumb and closes correctly (and we know, Henry should use the word plumb, not level - you will see in the video).

Step 16: How to Build a Shed - How to Install the Exterior Trim - Video 15 of 15

Almost there! The most exciting stage of the shed build is the final install of the exterior trim. Henry shows you a number of good tips in this video, and ways to make measuring and cutting exterior trim easy and accurate. He also goes over how to make the drip cap you see above the door and some decorative options. All of this can be done on your own.

That wraps up the shed build and I hope you have enjoyed the videos and instruction provided. We took our time to try and include everything.

We have additional projects slated for the spring of 2017 and will post them on Instructables when completed.

If you like you can check out our YouTube channel here.

We also have our website where you can submit your shed build after it is complete (we prefer submissions where people have used our videos or plans - or both). Plans are available for this shed here

If you would like to check out shed builds our viewers have done, they can be viewed on our website here - there are some pretty cool sheds! - many were changed up drastically from our video model and plans.

Enjoy and Success With Your Shed Build!

One Final Word on Venting

When we designed this shed, we looked at what was available for sale and none had venting, so we opted not to include it in the videos. However, in hindsight, we should have. Our shed is built better than most and if you live in hot or humid climate (or plan to store flammable fluid like gas), you should install some kind of venting.

The easiest is to add gable vents on the front and back of the shed. These can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes, and they are cheap. With one on both ends, flow through should be very good. The other alternative (although more work and money) is continuous soffit vents with a ridge vent (or basic roof vent).

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