How to Build a Fire (without a Match or a Lighter)



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If you hike a lot or you just need to know what to do in this situation read on.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


  1. Ok the first thing you need is about a foot and a half long flexible branch . when your done finding one find a piece of bark or a large square like piece of wood and then another smaller square like piece of wood.

  2. Now take off one of your shoe laces and tie it to both ends of the long flexible branch so that it looks like a bow. Now find a smaller stronger straight poll like stick. Put the smaller stick perpendicular to the string and twist it so that the string is holding the stick in place and the bow is parrallel to the ground while the stick is perpendicular to the ground.

  3. Hold the bow in your dominant hand and the stick with the other, now place the small sticks bottom end on the large square like piece of wood(on the ground) and grab the smaller piece of square wood with the stick hand. You should hold the stick in between the two square pieces of wood by pressing down on the top of the stick with the small piece of square wood. Now you have the stick wedged in between the two pieces of square wood by pressing down on the top with the small piece of square wood or a stone and you have the bow in your dominant hand(with the stick twisted around the string).

  4. Note:Be sure you have some kindling(small twigs and stringy bark ie stuff that will light quickly) near by. Now take the bow and move the forward and back parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the stick. This should cause the stick to twist in between the two square pieces of wood. It will take a little while for you to get an ember in the bottom piece of wood. When you do finally get an ember throw it in your kindling and blow on the ember until the kindling starts to flame up then throw the whole bundle of kindling in your fire quick but it will burn up fast.




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