How to Build a Jurassic Fort




Introduction: How to Build a Jurassic Fort

Catch up on all the Jurassic Park movies with this rawrsome fort! In this tutorial we will learn how to transform a canopy fort into your own Jurassic World.

Step 1: Channel Your Inner Dinosaur

Step 2: Lay Out Soft Green Blankets

Step 3: Add Some Foliage

Step 4: Hang Leis and Flowers

Step 5: Add Some Dinosaur Paper Chains!

1. Take a piece of construction paper and cut it into fourths

2. Fold the paper accordion style

3. Draw a dinosaur or trace the template (Make sure the dinosaur's head and tail extend to the creases of the paper)

4. Cut along the outline and set your dinosaur free!

Step 6: Sit Back, Relax, and Watch Jurassic Park!



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