How to Build a Lego Car

Introduction: How to Build a Lego Car

In this tutorial you will learn how to make the lego car pictured using the pieces listed above. Please take a moment to gather all of the necesarry pieces before moving on to Step One!

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Step 1: Step One - Wheels and Base

This step consists of adding the wheels and axial to the base of our Lego car. In order to do this you will first want to attach the rim and wheel to the axial by sliding the extruded end of the axial through the hole in the rim peice (pictured above). Repeat this step for both ends of each axial.

After this has been completed and you have two axials each of which is attatched to two wheels, proceed to attach one of  the axial pieces to the underside of the 4x12 grey base piece on the second row from the end. If this is done correctly, the front end of the wheel should line up apporiximately with the end of the 4x12 grey base piece. Repeat this step for the other axial, on the opposite end of the base piece.

Step 2: Step Two - the Front End

This step will give our car an angled front end by combining the two clear angular pieces with the two 2x2 blue bricks and installing them on the front of the base. First, you will want to connect one of the angled clear pieces on top of one of the 2x2 bricks as shown. You will want to repeat the step shown precisely for the other 2x2 blue brick and clear angled piece.

After you have completed the previous process, attatch each set of pieces so that the low end of the clear angled piece is flush with the front end of the base. Upon completion of this step, your car should look as it is pictured.

Step 3: Step 3 - the Windshield

Now that we have a front end, we can proceed to install the windshield. This will be done by stacking one 2x4 brick on top of another thus creating the base for our windshield. Then, you will want to attach the windshield piece on top of our newly created base so that all of the edges are flush with each other. Now, simply attach the windshield + base structure directly behind the hood that we put on the base in the previous step. After this step has been completed, the car should look as shown.

Step 4: Step 4 - the Drivers Seat

Next we will add a drivers seat behind the windshield, because what good is a car with no driver? First we will create this section of the vehicle by starting with a 2x4 blue brick as a base. Then add two of the 1x2 blue bricks to either side of the 2x4 brick so that a 2x2 interior is formed. Next put a window piece on top of each 1x2 piece so that each side is flush, thus creating a side window on each side of the car. After this has been created, it will be installed directly behind the windshield portion that was installed in the previous step. Lastly, attach the steering wheel on the 2x4 brick base on the end closest the the windshield portion. After this step is completed, the Lego car should look as shown.

Step 5: Step 5 - Interior Extension

In this step we will extend the exterior by creating the same structure as the previous step, but without the windows and steering wheel. As a referesher, this will be done by attaching two 1x2 blue bricks to the short ends of a 2x4 blue brick. After this has been built, it will be installed directly behind the drivers seat installed in the previous step. After this step is completed, the Lego car should look as shown.

Step 6: Step 6 - the Back End

Finally we can add the back end! This will be done by first stacking two 2x4 blue bricks on top of each other. Then, a 1x4 blue brick will be attached the the top 2x4 brick so that 3 sides of the 1x4 brick are flush with the 2x4 brick below it, Lastly to create the effect of a spoiler, the 2x4 flat grey piece will be added on top of the 1x4 brick so that it is hanging of of the back end of the structure. Then this back end will be added directly behind the interior extension that we added to the base in the last step. After this step the Lego car should look as shown.

Step 7: Step 7 - Enjoy!

You've made it! Enjoy you brand new custom Lego car!

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3 years ago

what piece do I purchase for the tire and rim?


3 years ago

A correction if I may... The base is a 4 x 10 flat or else you don't have enough of the 2 x 6s...


5 years ago on Introduction

I made it! It's awesome,and super easy! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!