How to Build a PC

In this instructable you will learn how to build your own personal computer. The requirements you will need to build this computer is in the list below:



Power supply

Graphics card



Hard Drive

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Step 1: Step #1 CPU

Step #1 is to connect your CPU to your motherboard and Put the motherboard in your case and tighten the screws in it, so it is secure.

Step 2: Step #2 Heat Sink

Put the Heat Sink on the CPU and tighten and secure the latches on the side. and connect the fan to the motherboard

Step 3: Step #3 Ram

Connect your ram card to your motherboard and make your you hear a snap so you know you have secured the card in the slot.

Step 4: Step #4 Graphics Card

connect your graphics card into your graphics slot. Also make sure you hear a snap to know it is nice and secure in the slot

Step 5: Step #5 Power Supply

The Power Supply goes to the back of the case. In the very back of the case you have to tighten the power supply to the case with the screws provided in the case. Also connect your power supply to your motherboard

Step 6: Step #6 Hard Drive

Put your hard drive in your hard drive slot and secure it in and connect your powers supply to your hard drive and motherboard.

Step 7: Step #7 Power Supply Cords

Connect your power supply cords to your hard drive and motherboard.

Step 8: Step #8 USB and Audio Ports

Connect your USB and Audio cords to your motherboard

Step 9: Final Step

Connect your PC to a monitor check to see that your computer works. If it works then you are all done and you have made your own personal computer. Have Fun

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    3 years ago

    I feel like I have already seen this build before...


    3 years ago

    Great build! Thanks for sharing!