Front Frame Horn Brace - Building a Pure Stock Race Car - Part 1




Introduction: Front Frame Horn Brace - Building a Pure Stock Race Car - Part 1

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My first career was building, selling, and racing 1/4 mile dirt track cars. When my friend Trish decided to take up the sport, i jumped at the chance to build one with her. I'm going to document the process on video, I hope you enjoy learning about racing technology. There are many online resources for learning welding and the other skills involved, and I urge you to seek them out, and post the best ones in the comments.

Let's go racing!




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    Your plumber's crack make your videos even more enjoyable. Please don't change anything.

    No 'plumbers crack'??? Are you kidding? A talented, smart, AND hot RACE car builder can display as much as she darn well pleases and male complaining shall forthwith have their mancard removed!!

    well done . i work for a company that builds all types or stock cars and late models. from local cars to nascar and we have been building late models for paris france . you have done a really good job.i am impressed and ihave been doing this for 21 years and 11 years with the company i work for. again well done.

    I just skipped a minute like i usually do when people talk a lot in the beginning (i have no speakers), then i saw somebody has plumber pants.

    I'm so jealous of your new welder >_< great build!

    Amazing video. You really go into detail about adding in that bar. Like you stated you really need to tie it in or else it's just going to damage stuff when it gets into an accident. I'm working on designing some sub-frame connectors for my car and some other frame stiffening stuff. Oh, and plumber's crack FTW =D

    Finally! I love going to dirt track races all up and down the east coast, and have always wanted to find out how to start in the business. Thank you very much!

    Women that know their cars, and can build and race them. where have you been all my life? :) Awesome video!

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    Is there anything you DON'T know how to do Jeri?!?
    I'll be looking forward to watching the other episodes of this.

    Pleased to see the dead pixel is no more - new camera I guess?

    Keep up the good work.

    looks really nice really informative great so far cant wait till part 2 :)

    p.s. great shoes i have them too :P

    My hat off to you lady!

    I am truly glad to see the fairer sex engage in the fairer sport.

    All best wishes

    its so cool to see ladies doing this kinda of stuff

    Absolutely no chance I'll be doing this, but the video is utterly fascinating to watch. I look forward to the next episode.