How to Build a Shield for the Linkit One




Introduction: How to Build a Shield for the Linkit One

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Hello world! Pure carbon here with another Instructable. Today I will show you how to build a custom shield for the Linkit One Board. Before we get into that however I must tell you why I went on this endeavor in the first place. I only own one shield for Arduino and it requires more then two PWM pins which is unfortunately all the Linkit One has, so I decided to build a custom shield for this board. The shield that I made is extremely simple because it only has two buttons and an LCD screen.

The purpose of this Instructable is to teach you how to build a shield for either the Linkit One or the Arduino, so lets get started.

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Step 1: Required Materials

To build this shield here's what you will need:

Step 2: Prepare the Pins

Start by taking the male header pins and plug them into the female header pins on the board.

Step 3: Place the Proto-board

Now take the Proto-board and place it on the pins with the copper side up so that you can easily solder components to it.

Step 4:

Now you can solder all your male header pins to the shield while keeping them plugged into the Linkit One/ Arduino. After all the pins are soldered then you can remove the board from the shield and trim off the excess prototype board.

Step 5: Add Components

Once you have the shield done you can add whatever components you want to make your shield unique. I added two buttons connected to pins 12 and 13 on the Linkit One so I could play a simple game I made a while ago on the Arduino. I also purchased an LCD screen that plugs into a special connector on the Linkit One that I stuck right on top of the shield with some tape. Have a nice day human race!

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