How to Build a Simple Gas Forge Burner




Introduction: How to Build a Simple Gas Forge Burner

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The injection gas torch for forging and casting. Simplicity, safety, convenience.

My profession is welder and I have got my own small workshop. But I’m not used to treading water and I constantly look for something new. And now I’m seriously ready to study forging. “DIY projects” is the set of the small and simple videos where I comprehend all details and basis of forging from making a torch, a furnace to tools and stuffs. I study it myself and I want to share my progress with you! I also divided the series into the seasons. Now it’s going the first season and all processes are very cheap and accessible for all guys with skills. I don’t pretend to be a professional. I’m just a beginner but I have some experience in working with metal and understand the principle of work. Ask your questions in comments and also leave your remarks. We’ll discuss everything! Enjoy the reading and pleasant viewing!

Step 1: How to Build a Simple Gas Forge Burner

We shall need:

-* a roofing gas torch

- two pieces of a black pipe

- one piece of a black pipe

*Mostly people make a torch too complicated with using plumbing fitting, welding tips and so on. But for what? These all are in shops in the form of a roofing torch (take the average size of a gas jet for capacity production). All we need to do are to alter a gas jet. By the way, talking about gas jets if you have a question now why we need to alter it if we can buy a ready-made torch which one I’m going to make over. So the answer has to be clear and I demonstrably showed it in my video. With the short gas jet, the torch won’t burn in confident space!

The tools:

- A welding machine

- An angle grinder

All measures I indicated in the draft and denoted them in the video.

** also in the picture I showed the analogue. It can be made from transition cast-iron plumbing reducer couplings and a pipe. It’’ll be working also well. For me the main role was the price!

So I’ve told you my story what I used and why I used particularly these things but not others. And you’’ see the demonstrative production work in the video.

p.s. the burner flame of the torch works consistently and very effectively. The combustion takes place in the exterior part. The torch is being cooled down well with air and is staying cold during all work. Only the tip is getting hotter.

Thank you for watching!

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    3 years ago

    finally someone how knows the rule of keeping it stupid simple. Was working on my own forge burner but going to try this. First I'm trying the soup can idea.


    3 years ago

    That's neat :)