How to Build a Simple and Strong Miter Saw Station




Introduction: How to Build a Simple and Strong Miter Saw Station

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This miter saw station is made out of 13 - 8 foot 2x4's and single sheet of 3/4" plywood cut down the middle long ways. The main tools needed are a tape measure, a speed square, a miter saw, a drill, and a circular saw. Clamps and a framing square are helpful but not 100% necessary.

Full plans with dimensions, material list, tool list, cut list, and step by step assembly directions can be found at:

A full video of the build can be seen here:

Step 1: Cut All the 2x4's to Length

Cut all the 2x4's to their finished lengths according to the cut list in the plan.

Step 2: Build the Right and Left Frames

Build the right frame by making 4 legs with the small feet at the bottom and then screwing the front stretchers across the top of the feet. You then install the side stretchers by screwing them into the inner side of the 4 legs. Once all the stretchers are screwed in you will attach the shorter leg riser to the left side and the longer leg riser to the right.

The left side is built the same way except that you attach the shorter leg riser to the right side and the longer one to the left side.

Step 3: Attach the 2 Frames Together

Place the left and right frames 24" apart and set the stretchers on top of the 2 short leg risers in the front and the back. Attach with 2 or 3 screws into each leg. Hold another stretcher in place at the level of the bottom shelf in the rear and attach it using 2 screws into the side of each leg.

Mark the center of each top and install a cross brace by screwing through the stretcher into the cross brace.

Step 4: Cut and Install the Plywood Shelves and Work Surface

Measure the 2 bottom shelves and top center shelf and cut them from 1 of the 24" x 96" pieces of 3/4" plywood. Attach to the 2x4 stretcher with a screw into each corner.

Measure the top work surface for length and cut the 2 pieces from the other half of the plywood. Attach to the stretchers with 4 screws along each front and 4 screws along each back.

Step 5: Mount Your Miter Saw

This station was designed with a 3 1/2" recessed shelf for the miter saw. The pictured saw has a 2 3/4" table height so we added a single layer of 3/4" plywood to bring it level to the work surface.

Place your miter saw in the center of the middle shelf with the handle sticking out the front for easy movement and then attach using long screws or lag bolts depending on the size of your mounting holes.

Step 6: Watch a Video of the Entire Build



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"Place your miter saw in the center of the middle shelf with the handle sticking out the front for easy movement and then attach using long screws or lag bolts depending on the size of your mounting holes."

One concern would be the plane of the saw bas relative to those of the tables at either side. When cutting long stock, so much of the material is supported by one or both table surfaces that it is difficult to position the material flush to the saw base and back supports.

It may be wise to elevate the saw table relative to the extension(s) so that LONG STOCK is not influenced by 'distortions' in the side extensions/tables.

I tried building mine precisely in the same plain - then the weather changed and the wood followed suite!

Man proposes, God disposes.

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Charlessenf-gm, I do something similar on my workbench. The left and right outfeed sides next to the miter saw have blocks and shims to support long boards. But a dual left/right table would be so much nicer. Even if thin shims were needed to support the work.

I made a similar arrangement which was all on the same frame and had 4 sets of swivel wheels on the bottom to allow it to be moved from the wall. The platform for my saw was made removable so I could make several stations/platforms for different power tools (table saw, planner, router, drill press and band saw). This gave me good work stations for my small work area.

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On my To Do list for my new shop--ha ha--my little corner of the garage-- is a miter saw table. I doubt I have the room for something this big, but yours is a perfect starting place for me to start planning.


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Here's a tip: put a floor in the tabletop and put hinges on the top piece with a flush handle in the front. Use this storage for hand tools, sockets, etc.

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I like that idea, but we plan on adding some kind of storage shelves behind the fence.

I have not had the room to build one of these but the idea is great of course and well documented on instructables .

What intrigued me however is why make it so deep . You only use the front foot of the benches to hold the timber to be cut and the back of the bench is mostly wasted . I realise the saw slides some have have to have that room to move behind. Perhaps other power tools can be mounted there and used from the other side?

I also suggest you hang the power board on the back leg

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We are going to come back later and install a fence and some kind of storage in the back area.

Very nice! I built an almost identical miter saw station many years ago. It held up great and was a fantastic and integral part of my evolving workshop. Very nicely done :)

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