How to Build a Tiny Whoop

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Here's a quick video I made for those of you out there who want to build an indoor FPV quadcopter but don't quite have the know - how. In this fun and easy tutorial, I will be showing you how to build on under $40 RTF.


Here's what you'll need to build one! (**All links open up into a new tab**)

--The Quadcopter--

JJ/RC H36 on Amazon -

JJ/RC H36 on GearBest -


--The FPV Cam--

HobbyMate Micro AIO FPV Cam -

Another Great Micro FPV Cam (very similar to one in vid) -


Gear that I used in the video!

Self-Healing Mat (Great for X-ACTO knives...and sewing...=D -

Wireless Lamp (super nifty!) -

Soldering Iron -

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Step 1: Step One to Completely Done by Watching This Video!

Hope you guys can find it helpful!

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    2 years ago

    what were you using for fpv receiver headset?

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