How To: Build a Little Shelf Beside Your Microwave (or Anywhere!)

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Hey guys! So, we’ve built our kitchen sink base, our island, our cabinets, our pantry and now we’re moving on to finishing off those cabinet with a beside the microwave little shelf. Anyone can build this shelf, it is a very simple project but I wanted to add it here on the blog as a tutorial because, quite frankly, we all can use more shelves in our lives. Like most of my choices when it comes to what I build, mostly (if I can) I utilize what I have on hand which is why I built this little guy out of 1x8s that we had left over from trimming out some of the door frames in the house! If I had had a little more material etc. I would have probably chose to build this out of 3/4″ plywood so I could have brought the shelf out to the exact depth of the cabinet above it. But I’m happy with how this turned out!

Step 1: Take Your Measurements

First thing was first, I needed to measure the height of the microwave and determine all of my dimensions then head to the garage to get to cutting my materials!

Step 2: Make Your Cuts

Once cut it was as simple as screwing the entire unit together. I would strongly urge you (especially if you’re using boards as opposed to plywood) to pre drill your holes if you’re going to be using screws like I did. Boards like to split – as we’ve all come to learn the hard way… MANY times.

Step 3: Tack It Together

I used screws because I wanted this shelf as sturdy as possible. I have no plans on putting anything heavy on it but I build things to last around here as best that I can. Moving on, with it all screwed together it was time to paint!

Step 4: Paint and Finish

Like with all of my kitchen cabinets (and everything in my kitchen actually) I put two coats of poly acrylic on this little shelf to make it as easy as possible to clean! Besides that I just did two coats of our flat white trim paint that I’ve also used on just about everything else. Some day perhaps I should branch into color… Once it was dry I secured it with screws through the top, into the cabinet above it. The design of this little shelf was entirely on the knowledge that I could not secure it into the wall behind it because of plumbing pipes!

Step 5: Attach It in Place!

And there we have it! A nice little (and rather sturdy) shelf beside our microwave! For now, it is showcasing some of the hydrangeas from our wedding but I’m thinking this might be a nice place for just about anything we could want within easy reach beside our stove! Thanks for stopping by!



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