How to Build an Aluminum Foundry Furnace for Melting Metal

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Building The Backyard Aluminum Foundry Furnace For Green Sand Casting. This Is Some Footage I Found Of When I Built My Backyard Aluminum Foundry That I Put Together Into A Video To “Semi-Document” It’s Construction. Hopefully For Anyone New To Metal Casting or Melting Aluminum You Will Find The Video Helpful or At The Very Least Give You Some Ideas For Making Your Own If You Need To Build or Make a Furnace. Thanks For Watching!
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    2 years ago

    How did your refractory stick without adding any water? Are you using propane as fuel?

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    Water was added to the portland cement/perlite mixture, only enough to make a relatively dry mix, then rammed into the "mold" very tightly. Yes, propane as fuel