How to Build an Outdoor Grill Station

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Intro: How to Build an Outdoor Grill Station

I started in the usual way: by going out to the barn and grabbing some old barn wood. Those lovely 4x4s are rough cut and OLD, they also fit right in with the 4×4 posts on our deck railing (yay) I expect to stain them along with the deck this fall. The rest of the base I built out of 2x6s I had on hand and that was as simple as a basic frame and 3″ outdoor torque screws. We were going to cover the frame I build with plywood to offer even more support for the granite but it was obvious when I was done that it was plenty strong and flat enough! Granite is HEAVY and must be well supported or it WILL break. I built the whole thing so the granite hangs over the sides a couple of inches, then I stained the new 2x6s so they weren’t so glaring beside the old 4x4s. Love how the wood grain stands out! I used Dark Walnut stain by minwax. I also sealed the 2x6s with two coats of an outdoor poly but I’m not going to touch the 4×4 legs until we stain the deck – I’ll do them then.

It may be awhile (probably when this little grill finally dies) but we will eventually purchase a larger grill and, when that day comes, this little grill station will become our outdoor buffet! To say the least (because of the weight) when we positioned it (before we put the granite on it) we put it in a place where we have no intention of EVER moving it! It is positioned not five steps from my kitchen door (six steps from my refrigerator, seven steps from my stove and nine steps from my sink) which is exactly what I had envisioned and planned all along! I grilled hot dogs for our supper last night and it was as though the deck had become an extension of our kitchen – it was SO cool! Also, when I finally get our table done for the deck this grill station will be right beside it so it will be handy whether its being used then as a buffet or if we still have this little grill on it.

Like our galvanized pipe rack I built? I kinda love it I think my favorite thing about it though is the fact that it only took me about five minutes to ensemble and install! Check it out over on our main website. As always guys thank you so much for coming by and checking out my projects!



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