How to Build the Aliencopter Bee 470 Drone Frame

Introduction: How to Build the Aliencopter Bee 470 Drone Frame

If you are thinking of getting into drone building then the Aliencopter Bee 470 frame is a great choice. The 470 is a very fast and agile drone which is perfect for basic aerial photography, (using an action camera) as well as being as a superb cross-over frame for FPV flying and racing. It has a multi-layer carbon fibre frame with super strong 12 layer, 5mm motor arms with quick release thumb screws allowing the arms to fold. Really easy to build and a great platform for you to customise with your flight controller, electronics, motors etc. of choice. The frame adopts a 'Clean-N-Dirty' system that uses vibration mounts to isolate the sensitive electronics and cameras from vibration on a rigid upper sub-frame. RCTimer sell the frame kit.

This video takes you through the build step-by-step.



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    You can buy the frame from a company called RCTimer - the 470 frame size is (I believe) only sold through them although you can buy Aliencopter frames of other sizes from other suppliers. This is a brilliant frame though. We have taken it up mountains in the snow, crashed it many times, carried it in a backpack and it still delivers great aerial videos. It is very robust and the quality of the carbon fibre means it is not prone to the many vibrations which ruin drone flying. Will post a video showing a complete custom build for the 'fully-loaded' aerial photography version within the next week or so...