How to Bump a Volleyball

Introduction: How to Bump a Volleyball

Are you bad bumping volleyballs? Well you won't be after you get done reading this article. Volleyball is a fun way to exercise and hang out with your friends. To play volleyball you must know how to bump a volleyball. Bumping a volleyball is when you bump the volleyball off of your forearm. If you know how to bump a volleyball it can become your favorite sport.

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Step 1: Supplies

To bump a volleyball you will need to have a volleyball, proper sportswear, and a good attitude. You will need the volleyball to bump into the air. You will need the proper sportswear such as spandex or shorts, a comfortable shirt, and a pair of shoes that have good grip so you won't slide across the floor. Last but definitely not least, you will need to have a good attitude so that if you don't get to the first time then you will be able to push yourself to keep on trying.
Volleyball is a fun way to have fun and be very active to promote a healthier lifestyle. Forget dieting and weight loss pills, play volleyball and lose the weight in a healthier way.

Step 2: Bend Your Knees

Now with the proper supplies you will easily learn how to bump a volleyball. Now you can bend your knees and square yourself up with the ball as it come towards you. Now if you bend your knees you will be able to have enough power to hit the ball when you extend your knees. If you are squared up with the all correctly then it will be in your reach when you hit it.
If you are looking for a way to spice up your friendship and find a fun activity to do, stop looking and just play volleyball. Volleyball requires good teamwork so it is a good way to bond with your friend.

Step 3: Position

Then, make sure that you have your hands in the proper position. Place your arms side by side with your hands lapped over each other with your thumbs in the middle. It does not matter how your thumbs are placed but make sure that your firearms are facing the sky because that is where the ball will bounce off of.
Volleyball is a very active sport, so you will need to have lots of energy. You can gain energy by getting a good nights rest and by eating or drinking things that have enough carbohydrates.

Step 4: Bump the Ball

Lastly, when the ball gets close to your arms, extend your knees to bump the volleyball off of your forearm. Make sure that the volleyball is close to your arms before you extend your legs. That is how to bump a volleyball, if you follow these directions, you should play like pro.

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