How to Bunny Hop Any Bike-easy Tutorial!

Introduction: How to Bunny Hop Any Bike-easy Tutorial!

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Hi there. If you wanna know how to bunny hop, but cant figure it out, I'll explain it to you as easy as possible. so read this and share to your friends. :) Maybe I'll make an instructable on how to wheelie a mountain bike properly, so, -->

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Step 1: Get a Bike.

For the bunny hop, I recommend a bike that is not heavy or big. A BMX or trail bike would be perfect. If you do not have such a bike, a mountain bike is fine too, however, your hop won't be as high. Also you do not need your seat, so lower it. A high seat will hinder you in this activity.

Step 2: Lifting of the Front Wheel.

The real bunny hop is not the one where you lift both wheels at the same time. To do the real one, you have to lift the front wheel up, and then the back wheel follows. This is how to lift the front wheel: first, you have to stand on the pedals. Then, bend your arms and pull them back, while leaning back a bit. Try to raise the front wheel as high as shown in the picture. If you can't do it exactly that height, no problem. Practice this step until you have mastered it.

Step 3: Lifting of the Back Wheel.

Next, you have to know how to lift the back wheel. To do that, you have to lean forward, hop up with your butt a bit and sort of dig your feet into the pedals. Leave the front wheel alone while you are doing this. At first, you can use the back brake to help you lift the back wheel. Pull the front brake while leaning forward a bit. Do not lean forward too much, or else you will fly over your handle bars. But do not get used to that technique. Practice that, until you mastered it. The lifting of the front wheel and the back wheel are two individual skills. Learn them individually, and later, they will be combined.

Step 4: Combining the Two Into One - the Bunny Hop.

Finally, combine the two steps that you have learned into one. Use your skill and lift the front, and then the back wheel. To do that, you have to raise your front wheel, and while it's in the air, you have to hop up with your butt, while you dig your feet into the pedals. Hopping up with the back wheel while the front wheel is in the air is not easy, but do not give up. Practice the bunny hop until you have mastered it. You really should learn this, because it will help you be more flexible with where you are going with your bike. Instead of carrying your bike over the obstacle, you can just jump over it.:) Also, the bunny hop looks cool, and you can impress your friends with it.

if you have any more questions, ask me!!! Please!

THX for reading!

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    Great first Instructable. Do you have a video of this?

    Julien BAAAM
    Julien BAAAM

    Reply 1 year ago

    Do you want a video of it?

    DIY Hacks and How Tos
    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 1 year ago

    It would help demonstrate the timing and the full movement. You can't really get that from still pictures.