How to Cage Edit Objects in Rhino 3D

Step 1:

Create an object like a sphere or anything else of your choice.  I chose an ellipse.

Step 2:

Highlight your object and click on Transform>Cage Editing>Cage Edit

Step 3:

Now a new dialog box will open.  Click on Bounding Box.

Step 4:

Now click World.

Step 5:

Now click Global.

Step 6:

Now you will see a bounding box surrounding your object with points.

Step 7:

Each point can be moved from the box and change the shape of the object.  Multiple points and also be moved at the same time.

Step 8:

After clicking on multiple points by holding down shift, I can now drag them to alter the shape of the object.

Step 9:

Here is my object after manipulating the ellipse into the shape I wanted and then rendering in Hypershot.



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