How to Calm,Relax, and Re-Energize Yourself in Five Minutes





Introduction: How to Calm,Relax, and Re-Energize Yourself in Five Minutes

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This is how you can calm, relax, and re-energize yourself through a way of meditating that we'll call Re-Energizing.

Step 1: 1

Okay, what were going to do here is re-energize. Usually when you meditate, you just sit there with your eyes closed, clear your mind, and try to feel good about paying someone to teach you this. The way I'm going to teach you to re-energize yourself is similar (yeah right, carbon copy) to standard meditating, except we'll provide outside influences and train our minds to associate re-energizing with pleasure.

How we going to do this?

When you stick your arm into a fire ant mound (don't have fire ants?, give me your address, I'm moving in), your body feels pain, and if your like most people, you'll associate fire ants with pain and suffering for the rest of your life.
On the positive side, the way you clicker train animals is by rewarding them and clicking the clicker. This way they learn that the sound of clicking is good. That is what we are going to try to do, clicker train our minds with music.
"Update" There have been many interesting comments posted explaining what's going on, I recommend that you read them.

Step 2: 2

Right, to re-energize.
Head over to your nearest music source and look forHayley Westenra, Enya, and Celtic Woman, or just follow these links:
Put some songs into your music player/mp3 player. Then get yourself some chocolate, hot chocolate, latte, or some other beverage with chocolate. Start the music, close your eyes and lean your head back or into some other comfortable position. Visualize in your mind a green our red ball of light moving in synchronization with the sound of the music. Breath in and out slowly, relax your yourself, let your mind become absorbed in the music, let everything else slip away.

Then the music stops.

Step 3: 3

All right, you just re-energized. You can repeat as often as necessary. I have found that after a week or so of doing this, all I have to do is listen to the music and I feel relaxed. I don't believe this is a placebo affect (if it is, whatever, I still get relaxed anyway). What I believe is happening is that my mind is associating the sound of the music with pleasure and relaxation, so it releases endorophans and makes me feel good. I'm wrong? Post a comment and explain. I would appreciate feedback so that I can more accurately cite the effects of Re-Energizing.
"Update" You don't have to just re-energize, you can use music as a brain control device. Using designated artists/genres as your clicker, you can teach your brain to do just about anything. For example, listen to a lot of heavy metal when your really awake and pumped, then listen to it before work in the morning, I can almost (Note: I offer no guarantees, I'm just mentioning that this effect might happen) guarantee that you'll be awake in no time. Or you can use it as a diet aid. Play slow jazz when your full. Then listen to it after you've had enough to eat, but still want more. The possibilities are endless.

Please don't post comments to say the music sucks. You downloaded it.

Note: I am not responsible for anything that happens while your riding around on Cloud Nine, blah blah blah blah blah blah. (Everything is included in the blahs).

Live long and prosper,



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    Hmmm...Fire ants. yeah not sticking my hand in it. I know a few people who have been eaten alive after falling in them after wrecking tractors, what a slow painful painful death

    I've actually been doing this for awhile without meaning too XD Whenever I listen to Pendulum's songs from Hold Your Colour I zone out and start bobbing to the beat. Thanks for a way to concentrate it a bit more!

    And you say you live somewhere around here that doesn't have 'em?

    I live in Illinois, no traces of fire ants, thank god! i grew up in Texas, when i was 5, i sat right in a fire ant hill, and yes, i was completely covered in fire ants, YAY!!

    not bad)
    I'll probably try this exercise, cuse it's simple and quick. but there's nothing more relaxing than nature.
    I usually watch some nature vids,, or listen to the nature sounds on cd and then use breath exercises. This is really rejuvenating, but it does take time.

    1 reply

    *shrugs* I've always found pretty females more relaxing but I'm sure flora scenes are just as relaxing...

    I am a ninja Smooth man, revealing your identity to the world.
    this SUCKS DONKEY BALLS WTF is that supposed to mean?

    I can't tell which is more hilarious, your claims of being a ninja, or your random use of words.

    *sarcasm in voice* Oh please great Spaghedeity save me from this terror! Seriously man, I have felt more threatened by earthworms.

    Have you actually stuck your hand in a fire ant mound?!?!?!?!? im sorry, but how old were you when you di it? oh, and omaha has no fire ants. at least, not enough to notice. oh, and ill have to try this.

    2 replies

    ok, good, cuz i was imagining A 20-sumthin guy finding some huge mound, the shove his arm in it. that would be kinda sad.... but i can see like tripping and putting you hand on one as you fall to stop yourself

    thios is really cool, kinda like whenever i hear "bring me to life" which was me and my ex girlfriends song, makes me happy and relaxed because i was like taht with her. but also unhappy because she dumped me and it took a long while to get over her, sorry ranting a bit