How to Carve a Pumpkin!

Introduction: How to Carve a Pumpkin!

    Quick and easy instructions on how to carve a pumpkin!
    For ages 14+

      What you will need:

      • A nice plump pumpkin!
      • Stencil of design
      • Serrated knife
      • Large spoon
      • Two small bowls
      • Pencil/sharpie
      • Newspaper

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      Step 1:

      Cover the surface that you will be carving the pumpkin on in newspaper.

      Step 2:

      We will begin by cutting off the stem on the pumpkin. First, use your fingers and allow for about 2 inches of area left on the stem. Cut a circle around the pumpkin, but with a notch in one side (as shown in the picture). This way we can pull the top on and off as needed. The notch allows for an easier placement.

      Step 3:

      Using a large spoon, take all of the seeds and the gooey insides out of the pumpkin. Place all of the gooey insides into a small bowl. If you would like to keep the seeds, place them in a separate bowl from the gunk.

      Step 4:

      The first picture is what the pumpkin will look like before you remove the insides. The second is what your pumpkin should look like afterwards.

      Step 5:

        Take the stencil you have printed and hold it against the pumpkin. Using a pencil, poke holes alongside all of the outlines of the image.

        Step 6:

        Pull away the stencil, after you have finished punching holes through the entire outline. If you would like, you can take a sharpie and color in the sections that you need to cut out. Refer to your stencil for guidance on what areas need to be removed.

        Step 7:

        Time to begin carving your pumpkin! Start on one portion of the outline and work your way through the entire piece. Take your knife at an angle when cutting. When using a large pumpkin, it is easier to cut out the thinnest layer of the outline before cutting through the entire pumpkin.

        Step 8:

        Using your knife, cut all the way through the pumpkin until you have created the entire design you wanted. Using your spoon, take all of the pieces that have fallen through and scoop them out into the bowl of gunk.
        (Tip: If you used a sharpie and you have any unwanted markings left over, use a cotton ball with a little rubbing alcohol to easily remove them.)

        Step 9:

        Voila! You have carved your very own pumpkin! Enjoy!

        Step 10: Bonus

        If you had saved your pumpkin seeds, they are delicious to eat! Put them in a pan on the stove, with about a tablespoon of butter and a dash of salt. Cook them for about 5-10 minutes until they are golden brown. Enjoy!
        (Tip: They are also excellent with Old Bay!)

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