How to Cast On




Introduction: How to Cast On

In this instructable, you will learn how to cast on, which will unearth the realm of the knitting world. Casting on is the first step in knitting. They are very fundamental to any knitting project, for they are the first stitches. They stitches differ from any other stitch because they do not rely on any other stitches. Casting on includes two broad steps, which are creating a slip knot and the actual stitch.

A spool of yarn
1 Knitting needle (You will need 2 knitting needles once you actual start knitting)
Flat Surface
Scissors (in case you need to start over)

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Step 1:

Pull approximately two feet of yarn on a flat surface, and create a “V” with the yarn, having the left strand 2/3’s longer than the right strand. DO NOT CUT THE YARN.

Step 2:

Press the vertex of the “V” with your left index finger to the flat surface. WIth the right index finger & thumb, pick up the middle of the right strand.

Step 3:

Cross the right strand over the left strand to create a small loop the size of a half dollar, and release both hands from the yarn.

Step 4:

Using the thumb and index finger of the LH, pick up the yarn at the intersection of the two strands.

Step 5:

Place your right thumb and index finger in the loop from the front, and grab the shorter strand at the point closest to the loop. Pull it through partway, making sure the end does not go through the loop.

Step 6:

Tighten the knot by releasing your hold with the left hand and pulling on the longer strand. The loop will become smaller. Then put the needle through the loop.

Step 7:

Make a fist with your left hand with the fingers facing you, and open your index finger and thumb, so that they are stretched apart.

Step 8:

Hold the longer piece of the yarn with your middle, ring, and pinky finger, and wrap the yarn around your thumb and index finger.

Step 9:

Loop the needle through the yarn you have fastened between your thumb and ring finger, while tightening the loop onto the needle by pulling on the longer strand of the yarn. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you have as many stitches as needed for the project you are making. 

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