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Introduction: How to Cast a Chocolate Action Figure

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In this Instructable, I am going to show how you can make a chocolate version of your favorite action figure!

You will need the following materials:

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Step 1: Select an Awesome Action Figure!

Choose an appropriately awesome action figure to use!

The best style of figure is one with few over hangs and thin components, like ponytails or the ends of bandanas sticking out (i.e. Ninja Turtle eye/head bandanas).

Anything thin has a tendency to snap off when formed in chocolate, especially after demolding. If you do have thin parts, you may be able to build up those parts a bit with the Monster Clay used later in this project (such as Jimmy's hat brim here).

Step 2: Position Your Figure

Cut a section of foamcore board just a bit larger than your figure to use as a base. Stick the figure, face up, in the center of the base using some hot glue or a bit of modeling clay.

Step 3: Make a Box

Using additional strips of foamcore board and hot glue, create walls along the sides of your figure, creating an open box. Apply the glue liberally to form a complete seal along the bottom and the corners of the box. This prevents any melted Monster Clay from leaking out.

Make sure to leave some space between the figure and the box all the way around.

Step 4: Pouring the Monster Clay Base

Using a microwave, melt down the Monster Clay using the tub it was shipped in. Nuke it about a minute at a time until it is completely molten. Don't worry about melting down too much Monster Clay. It can be melted, cooled down and remelted many many times. This is one of the many benefits of using this material.

Carefully pour the clay in an area beside your figure so that the clay can flow beneath it, forming a solid base.

Once cooled, remove the foamcore walls forming your box.

Add more clay underneath any overhangs such as the bent knee, clothes, or hands where the silicone can get underneath. If you don't it can make demolding more difficult.

Using a knife or sculpting tool, clean up the edges and top surface of the clay base. This is the how your final chocolate casting will appear, so do a good job! :)

Step 5: Make Another Box

Using more foamcore and hot glue, construct another box around the model + Monster Clay base. Leave some more room between the clay base and the silicone.

Again be sure that the hot glue is making a complete seal to prevent the silicone from leaking out.

Step 6: Mix and Pour the Food Grade Silicone

Mix the Food grade silicone rubber according to the manufacturer instructions.

In this case I was using Smooth-On 940, which has a mixing ratio of 10A:1B by weight.

The name of the game at this point is to avoid and eliminate air bubbles as best you can! When mixing, try to avoid whipping it quickly to prevent air from getting trapped in the silicone. It is also a good idea to pour the mixed silicone into another cup and continue stirring to ensure a thorough mix.

At this point, you can vacuum degass the silicone to help eliminate air bubbles, but I did not have a vaccum chamber and in my case didn't find this necessary.

Hold the container of mixed silicone high above the box and slowly begin pouring in a corner, not directly on top of the model. Try to pour in as thin of a stream as possible. This helps pop any air bubbles that were introduced during mixing process. Pouring away from the model also helps prevent air from getting trapped in between the model and silicone.

Allow the silicone to flow naturally across the model. Continue to pour until the model is good and covered up.

Once poured, gently shake and tap the mold on the counter/table to cause any pesky bubbles to float up.

Refer to the silicone instructions and allow the appropriate amount of time for it to fully cure, which in my case was 24 hrs.

*Note* I did not use any release agent of any kind during this project and everything came out just fine. Just make sure your figure is not made of silicone or contains any sulfur materials that can inhibit the curing process.

Step 7: Demold Your Figure!

Here is the first moment of truth!
Tear off the foamcore walls to reveal your silicone mold! If your mold is free of defects, you should dance a little dance or otherwise revel in your temporary moment of victory! Well done! :)

Step 8: Yum! a Chocolate Step!

Pour out a bunch of the chocolate morsels in a microwave safe bowl. Nuke it in 20 second bursts, constantly checking it for sufficient meltiness.

Once fully liquefied, stir it up with a spoon and proceed to pour it into your mold. You may want to massage the chocolate into the fine details of your mold with your spoon as well. This stuff can harden quickly so you may want to pour it fast.

You may be inclined to put the mold in the freezer to speed up the cooling, but beware that it can make the chocolate more brittle when demolding, and causing parts to break off.

Step 9: Demold Your Chocolate Figure!

The Final Moment of Truth!

Once you are satisfied you have waited long enough, it is time for the demolding of your yummy figure!

Carefully flex the silicone away from the casting to avoid breaking off any bits. If you do break something, don't fret too much, as it may be able to be repaired using additional melted chocolate and a toothpick as an applicator!

Hopefully all of your hard work paid off in the form of a highly detailed chocolate inaction figure! :D

Step 10: (Optional) Package and Devour Your Hard Work! :)

You may wish to package up your creation to make a sweet present or just eat your creation! :)

Please share any of your confectionery creations here or any of my social media platforms!


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