How to Cast a Life Size Bronze Bull From Digital Model




About: Tany Foundry is the oldest fine art foundry in China. We have been casting bronze, aluminum and stainless steel successfully for artists around world in the past 30 years. Skype: tanyfoundry Tel: +86 137582...
This is a life size bronze bull sculpture cast by Tany Foundry. Below is a short step by step documentation how we cast it in bronze.

Sculpture Profile:
Bull: life size. 13 feet long.
  • Technique employed to create the sculpture:
  • 3D Scanning;
  • Digital model processing
  • CNC Foam Milling; Finishing
  • Bronze casting;
  • Patina.


Step 1: Step 1: 3D Scanning

We use industrial grade high definition 3D scanner to scan the maquette of the bull sculpture, which is 20 inch longs.

  • The higher definition the 3D scanner, the better 3D image capturing quality it is.
  • A portable 3D scanner can be very practical for scanning large size objects.
  • When scanning small sculptures, it will be helpful to to put the sculpture on a movable platform, which can facilitate the scanning process.

Step 2: Step 2" Digital Model Processing

You will get good quality digital model if you scan the objects well.
After scanning, you need to retouch the digital model, fill any broken polygon, fine tune the edges, etc.
This step is essential to create high quality useable digital model for 3D Printing or CNC milling.

Step 3: Step 3: 3D Printing | CNC Milling

With the digital model, we CNC mill the sculpture on foam. CNC milling is commonly used for sculpture enlargement process. To create model of small sized work, you can also use 3D Printing technique.

Step 4: Step 4: Bronze Casting

After the pattern of the sculpture is created, we cast it in bronze.
We employ sand casting for this work. The result is perfect, with excellent integrity and nice finishing.
Sand casting is for large sized sculptures with few complicated textures. For small sized sculptures, we recommend using lost wax casting.

Step 5: Step 5: Sand Blasting & Patina

The last step is doing patina on bronze. We sand blast the bronze and apply reddish bronze on this bronze bull and it looks beautiful.

For more instruction on how create bronze or aluminum sculptures. Please visit our website.



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    2 years ago

    This is a sorry excuse for free advertisement. This company needs to spend some real money or hire someone to look for clients. Basically, DIY instructable readers need a giant factory and a team of CNC machinists to build this. Its not a DIY project, just some sorry click bait for a Chinese foundry.

    Don't even bother going to their website, its just their company website looking for sales leads.