How to Cast-on Stitches

Introduction: How to Cast-on Stitches


What's a slip knot?
Slip knots are used in knitting to attach the yarn to the needle. Your slip knot will be the first stitch of your cast-on. If you are familiar with slip knot techniques, your may skip to the next step.

How to make a slip knot?

  • Measure out a length of yarn equal to about three times how large you want your knitting to be.This length of yarn is called the tail end, and the line that leads to the yarn ball is the working yarn.
  • Pinch the thread between your thumb and index (1) and twist your fingers for half a turn, clockwise, to form a loop. (2)
  • Put your thumb and index in that loop (3)
  • Grab the tail thread with your two fingers (4) and pull it through the first loop (5)
  • Pull on the working thread to tighten the knot (6)You now have a slip knot!!

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Step 1: Cast-on Your Stitches

1. Attach the slip knot to a knitting needle
Slide a knitting needle into the knot (1) and pull on the tail yarn to tighten the slip knot (2). You can now start casting on.

2. Cast-on stitches

  • Hold your needle in your left hand, with tail end of the yarn placed to the left and working yarn, leading to yarn ball, to the right. Place the working yarn in your right hand, over your index finger, holding your hand like a pistol (3)
  • Insert the needle under the working yarn, from right to left to form a loop on the needle (4-5)
  • Grab the tail end with your left hand (6), and wrap it around the needle counterclockwise, passing over (7) then under the needle (8)
  • Pass the loop on your right index over the point of the needle from right to left (9-10) and pull the working yarn (11-12)

Keep casting-on stitches until you have the number of stitches you want on the needle.

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