How to Catch a Nightcrawler

Introduction: How to Catch a Nightcrawler

Nightcrawlers make a great bait for nearly all freshwater fish! During the spring you can catch your own instead of spending all of that money on bait! The worms come out from the ground only at night (or when the ground is deeply saturated) following a decent rain fall. Temperatures at the time must be between about 50 and 80 °F. The ideal time for hunting the worms is when it is lightly drizzling rain, the temperature is about 65 °F, and thunder (or other noise) is not present.
Prepare a spray bottle with a mixture of yellow mustard and water. If you miss a worm just spray some in their hole and come back a minute later. The mustard agitates them and they come back out to the surface!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    you need to quit bouncing the camera.....makes it hard to see what is going on.

    to get a good video, you need to move the camera real S-L-O-W. otherwise, the video is bouncing all over.

    A good instructable tho. very easy to understand, you explained it well.
    TY for sharing.