How to Chain the "expandable Foam Beast"

Introduction: How to Chain the "expandable Foam Beast"

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Ever needed to apply a huge volume of foam to fill large and high opening around a door at once?! Well some times this leads to creating a "expandable Foam Beast" - а swelling and downsliding mess! Well I have a simple, easy and yet effective solution to chain that "Foam Beast". ;)

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Step 1:

Just cut several pieces from thermal insulation plate and use them as "shelves". These shelves will help you apply large amount of foam at once with the difference that the foam will be separated to small volumes by the shelves and there will be no foam downsliding like in the variant in which the foam is applied at once and without shelves. Just for the record - the left opening of the doorframe in the picture was approx 12 cm(6 inches) wide, 25 cm (10 inches) deep and 200 cm(80 inches) tall - as you can see there was no way that I can apply foam at once without downsliding - so used shelves! :)

Step 2:

Yep! The "expandable foam beast" is chained! Not even a drop of foam on the floor! :)

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