How to Change Folder Colour! Super Easy!




Introduction: How to Change Folder Colour! Super Easy!

My friend showed me how to do this once and I noticed there were a lack of good tutorials showing how to change a folder colour so I decided to make a set of simple, easy to follow instructions!

Step 1: Right Click to Create a New Folder

Step 2: Right Click of Folder and Select : "Get Info"

Step 3: Highlight the Folder Icon on the Top Left and Copy (⌘c)

Alternatively, once the icon is highlighted you can press Edit then copy.

Step 4: Open the Application Preview

I opened it by searching for it in the spotlight search but there are many other ways to access it!

Step 5: Press ⌘n

Alternatively, you can press file then new from clipboard.

Step 6: Select Adjust Colour From the Tools Menu

Step 7: Play Around With the Tint, Shadow Highlights Etc.

Until you have reached your desired colour!

Step 8: Press on the Folder Icon As Shown and Copy (⌘c)

Or you can press edit, then copy.

Step 9: Quit Preview (⌘q)

or Preview, then Quit Preview

Step 10: You Do Not Need to Save the File, Select Delete

Unless you really want to!

Step 11: Return to the "Get Info" Section of Your Folder and Select the Folder Icon.

Step 12: Paste the New Folder Icon by Typing ⌘v

or pressing edit, then paste.

Step 13: You Have Successfully Changed Your Folder Colour!

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Can you put images and stuff on to?

can you do this on a windows computer?

can you do this on a windows computer?

What is really neat about this method is that the shading becomes so easy. I have used icon editors like Iconographer which is great (for OS 10.6.8) but the shading is tedious and not easy to achieve. But this makes it simple and you can use it with later versions of OSX. I thank you, along with other tinkerers for the Mac!

You can use this same procedure to paste a picture onto the folder icon to provide a visual reference to its contents.

Neat way to do that :-) You should take a little time and make a real i'ble out of that.

this feels like a fake thing

why not write the instructions

why an audio/video file