How to Change Guitar Strings

Introduction: How to Change Guitar Strings

Step by step instruction on how to change guitar strings

Step 1: Remove the Old Strings

1. Tune down your guitar to take the string out of the tuning peg

2.Pull the old string out through the bridge of the guitar

Step 2: Replacing the Old String

1. Pull the new string in through the bridge

2. Make sure the string is aligned with the fretboard

3. Pull the string in through the tuning peg

4. Twist the string around the tunning peg

5. Make a knot with the string

6. Tune the guitar so the string tightens up

7. Cut off the excess string with pliers

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    2 years ago

    That's good to know how to do :) Also never twist them too fast when it's taut so you don't snap the string!