How to Change LED Color




Introduction: How to Change LED Color

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Light-Emitting Diode / LED Is have so many colors and so many types. This tricks is very useful if you need a colorful LED. For Example: if you have an LED like White LED, and you need a red LED, Don't buy new led just try this Tricks!!!

OK Let's Do It!!

Step 1: You Need:

  • LED (In this case, i have a LED strip)
  • Tissue / any thin paper
  • Clear tape
  • Color Markers
  • And scissors

Step 2: Tissue

First, take the tissue and slowly cut with scissors like the image. After that, cut the clear tape ± 5cm.

Step 3: Next

Next, take the colors markers and apply it to the tissue like image 1. After that, wrap the tissue to the LED like image 2 and 3

Step 4: Done

Turn on the LED and look the result!!

Is the cheap ways to change the LED colors!

And another thing that kind of this trick is you can use it in all lights!!!

Thanks for look my works!

I hope you enjoy this!

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Thank you!!



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    For something very similar, I cut drinking straws into small sections and fitted them over the leds, on the open ends, I placed silver craft beads . The intent was to give the led a large viewing angle. I suppose if you used permanent marker on the straws the color would change.

    You could also paint it with water colour or colour on the LED directly with a Sharpie for a more permanent option...hope this helps.

    2 replies

    I think watercolor or sharpie would be too transparent. You'd need a much darker ink to affect the light much. You could likely use some sort of paint though, as long as it was a pretty thin coat.

    yeah, great idea. But i just make it from materials i can find around me. hehe.. thanks for look my works :).

    Lol! Great stuff. There is always more than one way to do things; why look for a more complicated solution, when you can do this? Thank you.

    1 reply