How to Change Oil

Introduction: How to Change Oil

Hi, my name is Glenn Aymar and today I am going to show you how to change your oil in a vehicle. Over the years of my life, I have changed the oil in my personal vehicles and for numerous vehicles for past bosses. I have learned the correct way to change oil and am very confident. Knowing how to change the oil in your vehicle is very important because it will extend the life of your motor. Changing oil is very easy and simple to do; I'm going to show you how to correctly and efficiently change your vehicle's oil in just 12 steps. Without oil in the vehicles motor, the vehicle will not perform correctly, and may even blow up leading to very expensive bills.

Step 1: Things to Have

oil pan

car ramps

eye safety

oil filter wrench




oil filter

Step 2: Oil

Buy the recommended oil filter and oil for the vehicle. The recommended oil filter and oil will be located in the vehicle's manual. Buying the wrong oil filter and oil for your vehicle can be harmful to the motor. This could shorten the life of the vehicle.

Step 3: Level Surface

Park on a level surface. Parking on a level surface ensures that all the oil comes out of the motor. It is crucial to get all of the old oil out of the motor because a quart of oil can ruin a batch of new oil. Parking on a level surface will also ensure that the vehicle will not roll away and run over you.

Step 4: Drain Plug

Locate oil drain plug on the bottom of vehicles oil pan on the motor. 10 out of 10 times the oil drain plug will be on the underside of the vehicle's motor. If you cannot locate the drain plug, the vehicle's manual will show you where it is located.

Step 5: Oil Waste Pan

Place a waste oil pan under oil drain plug so the dirty oil will drain into the pan. Placing the drain pan so that it will catch all of the oil will make clean up time minimum. It will also help protect the environment if you are changing oil outside in the dirt or grass.

Step 6: Oil Filter

While draining the oil from the oil pan on the motor, locate the vehicles oil filter. To ensure that all the oil is out, you will need to replace the oil filter as well. Doing this will help keep the motor running like new and filter any big particles out of the oil system that would cause damage to it. (will also be located in vehicles manual)

Step 7: Oil Filter Wrench

Use the oil filter wrench to loosen oil filter and let the oil drain into the waste oil pan. Normally on any motor, turning the bolt and filter to the left will loosen them. Turning the filter and nut to the right will tighten it.

Step 8: Refill

Once done with that, put oil drain plug back in and put a new filter on the vehicles motor. Ensure that the plug and filter are tight so that the new oil will not leak out. Do not over tighten because that will cause the threads to strip and then the plug or filter will not get tight and make a good seal.

Step 9: Rags

Wipe down any spilled or excess oil. This will stop any dirt or dust from collecting on the surface of the motor. This will also make it easier to change your oil the next time it is due.

Step 10: Oil Fill Cap

Go to the top of the motor and locate oil fill cap. On the vehicle I used, the oil fill cap is on the driver's side. It will be a big opening like shown and this is where you will add quarts of oil to the motor.

Step 11: Fill Up

Fill vehicle with the recommended amount of oil. Make sure to fill the vehicle with the recommended amount of oil. Over and underfill of oil will harm motor and reduce performance. If the vehicle does not recommend a specific type of oil, ask the locate auto store what kind of oil to use in your vehicle.

Step 12: Dipstick

Check dipstick to see if oil is in recommended operating range. After done filling the vehicle with oil, it is always good to check the dipstick to see if the oil is at the right level. The dots on the dipstick show the recommended oil level for operation.

Step 13: Throw Away

Once in operating range, close oil fill cap and throw away oil jugs and rags. Once you are ensured that everything is at the perfect amount, you have now successfully change your vehicles motor oil.

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