How to Change Strings on Electric Guitars With Wammies!

   Did you finally break your first electic guitar string? Does your guitar have a wammy and you have no idea where the back end of the string goes? Well this is the place for you, I found this out on my own, but i'll share the helpful info! This is only my second instuctable so please don't go ballistic in the comments unless I did somthing that almost killed you... Or better yet something that almost killed me.....

Step 1: Getting Started...

      Well... To start off, we are gonig to take that old string off your guitar. To do this take hold on to the end of the busted string closest to the bridge. Then push it downward through the bridge and the guitar. Fiddle with it a little and it will eventually go through a whole in the back of the guitar. If there is no whole in the back of the guitar, and your guitar is the same disign, you will need to un screw a panel in the back of the guitar. Make sure to look at all the pictures and read the highlights.

Step 2: Getting the String on the Spool.

To get your string on the spool, you need to stretch it over and get it aligned with all the bridges. Then you need to twirl the string around the corrisponding spool. When you have twirled it about 3 to 5 times thread the string through the hole in the spool.then try tightening the cord. If it slipsand doesn't tighten, twirl it more. Once you are happy, cut the remaining string. THen tune and your pretty musch ready to role. Or rock. What ever you prefer.

   Make sure the you get the strings in all the places there supposed to rest on or under.

     Have fun!!!



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